We must recognize freedom loving Americans are individualists by nature, while enemies of our constitution work collectively. Because of this we have far too often been out-maneuvered by those in opposition to constitutional principles... No More!

Collectively We...

  • Educate the populace on key issues through powerful creative messaging campaigns 
  • Drive key state and national legislation that champion constitutional principles 
  • Build and equip task-forces (God’s People) nationwide to WIN upcoming elections
  • Expose and prosecute the enemies to the sovereignty of these United States

Making America Great Again

We strengthen our effectiveness by coupling with and activating other like-minded existing organizations, churches and activists. We are working together to define strategies and goals to promote and defend Christian beliefs, the Word of God, to uphold Biblical values, the Constitution of the United States and to support President Trump’s Christian-friendly agenda.

It is vitally important for freedom-loving Americans to join forces and engage in a historical action-oriented, boots on the ground political mission to take back our country! If we want to stop the further loss of Christian freedoms across this great nation, we must act NOW. It is imperative that patriots recognize we are individualists by nature while the opposition is works “collectively” to undermine the sovereignty and moral fabric of America. We MUST change our thinking and join together “collectively” to be victorious on all fronts. We have to be in one accord and work in concert, friends! It’s time for us to come together and create powerful coalitions and defeat evil. As the Body of Christ we need the miracle-working power and the grace of God that comes from working in unison to truly see America Restored. (Acts 2:42-47)

President Trump has laid out a vision to “Make America Great Again” and “Drain the Swamp”. We can only make America great again by collaborating collectively, making a plan to restore our nation in a laser-focused way TOGETHER!

How do we Drain the Swamp? Two words REMOVE and REPLACE. America Restored coalitions will identify and boldly take elected officials to task and hold them accountable to their votes and ideologies. We will will actively get engaged with those officials that desire to see founding freedoms upheld and expose those that want to destroy America. We will work diligently to see them removed from office and replaced. It is time to come together and remind our elected officials who they work for and what principles they were elected to uphold. This is OUR country, not theirs!


Executive Director

Tomi Collins

As the National Chairwoman of the Regulation Freedom Amendment Campaign and Director of America Restored, Tomi is driven to create coalitions to unite Americans across the nation.

Using her more than 25 years in business leadership, she combines her business savvy and leadership skills to restore America. She believes that Christians are commanded by Christ Himself to be ‘salt and light’ to the culture in which we live, and voting is an important aspect of that duty.

Absence from the voting booth in America is no longer an option for Americans. Her determination to build coalitions drives her to fulfill her mission to help educate Christians and every freedom-loving American on how they can help restore America.