Together we have #1LoudVoice

America Restored is “We The People” building a powerful, action-driven infrastructure by organizing and mobilizing existing, effective patriot groups and freedom loving Americans in all major areas of influence: Education, Family, Faith, Business, Government, Entertainment, and Media.

We The People WILL see America restored to our founders original intent.


Will you accept your honorable duty to work with your fellow Americans to assure that America is restored to our founders original intent? If so, please join us in this historic mobilization effort to take our country back.

America Restored is an “action-driven” conglomeration of patriots with a mission to see our country restored to our founder’s original intent. We are building a powerful infrastructure by coupling with existing patriot organizations and freedom loving Americans to promote permanent restoration on local, state, and national levels. Together we will infiltrate every sphere of influence!

We must recognize that freedom loving Americans are individualists by nature, while enemies of our constitution work collectively. Because of this we have far too often been out-maneuvered by those in opposition to constitutional principles... No more!